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Happy with the HVAC recommendation

Man, the two of us had an interesting experience the other day when we went to this bowling alley in our area. The people I was with and I had heard wonderful things about it. It was a pretty nice building admittedly, however the temperature control system seemed to be genuinely lacking! The air quality in the building was clearly on the bad side, in addition to being overheated. When I asked one of the workers if they could adjust the temperature controls accordingly, they sighed, saying it wouldn’t do anything to better the indoor air quality. The temperature control system was struggling as it was, so extra labor won’t make a difference! The worker said he has been asking his boss to call up the Heating and A/C repair company for ages about the busted A/C system, though he said the boss never seems to get around to it. That’s when I asked to speak to the boss myself – any manager’s worst nightmare is a relentless customer! I told the guy that he had better call up an Heating and A/C supplier to improve the air quality in that building soon. Otherwise, he was going to lose a lot of business fast! Honestly, it already seemed that was already the case, since we were one of four or five groups present. The boss acted as if he didn’t know what I was talking about, so I explained to him that it was really too humid inside the building andthe air quality being compromised from the struggling A/C system. The boss clearly got the point, taking it seriously enough to have an HVAC repair technician there inside the hour. By this time my buddies and I finished our game, and were on the fence about starting a new game. When the people I was with and I saw the Heating and A/C serviceman there to repair the temperature control system, we were relieved! The boss went as far as offering us pizza on the house, just for sticking around.

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