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A very old HVAC component

So I am feeling completely exhilarated now that I am living on my own, away from my parents, and free to make all of my own decisions. My newly received college degree and my first professional job afford me a comfortable lifestyle. The modest home that I bought came with the major appliances, but the home inspector indicated that I would likely need to find an HVAC business since the heating and cooling system was fairly old. I took it as a challenge to make a good decision, and I set out researching my current challenge… Some of what I read was pretty obvious, such as the fact that the HVAC system is the most costly component in the home. At the top of the list was finding out if a repairperson had experience and common certification. While longevity in the HVAC business is no guarantee that the specialist will do a nice job, stability indicates that the business is doing something right. Another thing to look for in an HVAC business is the current home evaluation that they give and the resulting written, itemized estimate. The business should have checked the duct system for leaks or cracks, the number of windows and which way they face, and the R-value of insulation. Next, you should ask for references and referrals, and then be sure to contact them with important questions such as: was the job completed on time and within the quoted budget, did the business test the system after it was installed, etc. Ask the potential HVAC business about Energy Star-rated models and determine if they are knowledgeable in that area. After my research was complete, I felt fairly confident that I’ll make a wise choice when I need to contact an HVAC business.

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