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We live in the northeast and can constantly count on power outages in the wintertime months. We even had one during the heat of the summertime once due to a brown-out. Some years, these outages can last for a considerable amount of time. These are the years when more and more people invest in a generator in order to run their furnace and other appliances. The truly elite invest in automatic generators that turn on as soon as the power goes out. These are the ultimate, and they are ultimately extravagant to have installed. Heating and A/C professionals are getting more and more requests for these generators, as more and more people demand the comfort of their furnace Рor cooling system Рat all times. Talking to a heating & A/C contractor once, he had some interesting experiences to share about when their services are in demand for generator installations. Obviously, there’s an immediate demand after acts of nature such as ice storms, hurricanes, and the extensive forest fires of the western states. When demand is highest is when heating & A/C contractors can charge more. Heating and cooling companies will then get a rush on other sources of heat, such as kerosene heaters. When the inside temperature drops to about as low as the outside temperature, people are desperate to heat their homes, and quotes from heating & A/C companies for installing automatic generators range from roughly seven thousand dollars to a whopping fifteen thousand dollars Рdepending on several factors. The BTU demand of furnaces and cooling systems are one, the size of the beach house is another. Absence makes the heart grow fonder, as the saying goes, and the absence of a heated house makes one grow actually fond of their furnace!

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