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Can’t get the heater to work

Our recent cold snap, snapped some folks fully awake when they realized that their gas furnace did not task when they turned it on.  Opening up that gas furnace can be quite scary. Of course, any gas furnace user should believe where the filter is, and to keep it clean.  Don’t forget to check to ensure that the gas furnace blower is on, since most gas furnaces have such a switch. But do not worry too much about a non-functioning gas furnace.  Just call the HVAC provider and keep it turned off. But do not just rest there with money in your hands when the HVAC provider arrives, either. Ask questions and they will answer them.  There could be a very official and easy maintenance needed to get that gas furnace heating again. Such as the spark igniter, or maybe the capacitor! You do not get a brand new vehicle when it stops finally working, do you?  No, you simply take your vehicle to the mechanic. In the case of a tempermental gas furnace, you DO NOT use the gas furnace, and you call the HVAC company. They are quite accustomed to receiving calls from panicking HVAC customers this time of the year.  Just do not let the non-functioning gas furnace go too long without professional help. Especially since I believe you will do the responsible thing and turn it off altogether until HVAC help arrives. Until your heating specialist gets it running correctly and safely again, it can be a quite a few very cold afternoons.  So call for that gas furnace tune-up and do not wait any longer. The cold weather is heading your way.

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