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Most of us are quite accustomed to having quality Heating, Ventilation & A/C.   Heating & cooling is a usual piece of device in most homes, & it has been for a few decades now.  Heating, Ventilation & A/C has impacted our lives to such a degree that every one of us do not even realize how much every one of us would miss it if every one of us could not have that air conditioner or heat when every one of us need it.  That’s because most of us are fortunate enough to have access to heating & cooling. But how would you suppose if the heat went out in your beach house while in the middle of winter? I bet that you would not enjoy it entirely much, while you freeze under the blankets.  Without that heat moving through the ductwork, your beach house would not be entirely comfortable. Of course, some areas of our country are not as dependant on heating & cooling, as other areas. You may be able to do without a finally working oil furnace if you live in the deep south.  If that were the case, you would genuinely be in big trouble without an cooling system. No amount of ceiling fans can even get close to the climate control obtained by a finally working a/c. The same would apply to a resident of a entirely chilly northern city. Sure, a fireplace is romantic, with those flames flickering in the dark.  However, that fireplace doesn’t hold a candle to a central heating system. You will need more to keep you & your family hot unless you want most people to camp out next to the fireplace. Keep in mind, once those flames go down, so will the deep freeze.

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