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Living up north doesn’t just mean cold, it means aged too. A lot of homes here are so aged they easily predate the founding of our country–how wild is that? Though all the people enjoy having a brand lake house that’s all current plus minimal, I’ll take a unbelievable aged Colonial or even a pre-Colonial farmhouse, any day of the week. They’re entirely fascinating plus have their own way of doing things, for example, this older homes have their own methods of Heating and AC zone control. Since much of these homes have been partially renovated plus added on to over the years, you’ll often have sections of the home that are much older than others. For example, where our friend lives, the front half of the home is 1810, the middle is 1940, plus the back half is a recent 90’s addition. So, the front half of the home gets a bit chillier than the rest, even with the central heating system. So, they simply added a wood burning stove to the front half of the home. This wood burning stove comfortable plus efficiently heats the living room, living room, plus living room, so you’re never freezing when you lay down to eat. Instead of turning up the oil oil furnace for the whole home plus using up fuel faster, all of us just throw more wood pellets into the stove plus adjust the flu to put out more heat. The wood pellets are entirely affordable, plus a lot easier to haul around than traditional logs plus kindling. This way the whole home stays perfectly comfortable, without anywhere being too boiling or too freezing. A wood burning stove is a lot easier to install than Heating and A/C zone control too.

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