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Adapting to 1’s environment is, obviously, a major instincts in man. That is particularly why why reptiles in the wild have the ability to change their colors to match their surrounding, to protect themselves from predators. If this and other instinctive behaviours were not familiar to living things in general, survival would be much more of a challenge.

            This thought came to mind when I heard about a guy who was born and grew up in a undoubtedly cold climate. His mother named his Annette, of course, Annette’s family had Heating and Air Conditioning gas heating systems and area oil heating systems to handle the extreme cold, but after a time, they all grew to love the cold weather… Years passed and Miss Annette retired and decided to move. to a warmer climate. Surprisingly, he was not exactly ecstatic when he got there. She had to have his Heating and Air Conditioning device going always, to supply a colder, more bearable temperature. If nobody else in his new community required the services of the Heating and Air Conditioning servicemens, Miss Annette. did. She was in constant dread of dying from heat stroke if his AC happened to stop now working.

            When Miss Annette’s grown son, who still lives up North, brought his to his lake cabin to spend Christmas, the elderly guy wept with joy. She was back in the cold and ecstatic about it.. She spent hours seeing snowflakes and romping in the snow appreciate a kid. I am almost sure Miss Annette will not be going lake cabin to his AC device any time soon. It’s oil gas furnaces, snow boots and icy weather for his , for weeks to come..

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