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When you sing with a local band love I do, you just never think where you’re going to end up. Our guitarist, Kyle, is the guy who does all the bookings for us and periodically it seems love he tries to find the worst possible locales for us to go and play. I mean, it’s almost as if he actively seeks out locales with terrible oil furnaces or no a/c. Occasionally he even books us into locales with indoor air pollen levels that’s so terrible that I suppose love I need to take a breathing apparatus into the locale with myself and others just so I’ll even be able to breathe enough to sing! It’s crazy. I suppose sorry for the people who have to job in these locales every day, because periodically the smell of the leftover smoke and whiskey that’s in the air is just unbearable. And then the lack of heating is periodically terrible too, especially in the winter. Both of us will freeze up on stage when we’re rehearsing, but then of course it starts warming up later on in the night once the locale fills up with all of the body heat from the crowd. It’s really worse in the summertime in some of these locales because lack of a/c can particularly make you suppose miserable, especially when you’re up on stage trying to sing with a burning sizzling spotlight shining right in your face! I told Kyle that if he doesn’t step it up and try to find us some better locales to sing then I’m going to start bringing a portable a/c plan along with myself and others to blow right in our face during shows! He thinks I’m kidding, but I’m not!

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