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It’s hard to do a job where you have to travel a lot. I’ve been traveling for job for the past multiple years, and let myself and others tell you, I’m just about ready to stop particularly working on the road. It gets ancient particularly fast, if you ask me. When I’m out on the road particularly working at a convention or a trade show, I constantly have to stay in crucial hotels and convention centers, and the heating and a/c systems that they have in some of these locales can leave a whole lot to be desired. When I’m staying in a hotel, I find that I have a lot of trouble getting the control component in the hotel rooms set the way I want it. I can’t ever get the a/c set to just the right temperature, but I usually do love to have the room I’m sleeping in to be pretty cold. I constantly love to sleep in the frosty instead of when it’s stuffy inside. Anyway, when I’m traveling, all I can guess about is going lake home and getting back to our own high quality Heating and Air Conditioning plan that I had installed in our house; Last year I had a new central a/c plan installed in our house, along with a brand new oil furnace. So now I recognize you could say that I’m pretty spoiled now. It particularly keeps myself and others from wanting to stay in these hotel rooms with less than high quality a/c. I just kneel and daydream about going lake home and changing our digital programmable control component and enjoying our new air conditioner!

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