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Sharing thermostat power

If I never have to share a hotel room with another man again, I suppose I would be truly glad! I have been on a company trip for the last multiple days with our co-worker Joan, as well as he is driving myself and others definitely crazy, and first of all, he talks non-stop, as well as I entirely like to have some quiet time at the end of our day… She’s also messy as well as he leaves water all over the washroom floor as well as the washroom counter when he brushes his teeth. She’s always complaining about the indoor air quality of our hotel room, as well as so she’s always over there messing with the hotel thermostat system. It’s a single of those little seasoned timey heating as well as air conditioners with the thermostat built right into it. It sits under the window in the exterior wall of the hotel room so it can heat or air condition the air that the air vents pull in from outside! Or it would do its work if Joan would just leave it alone! She keeps setting the thermostat temperature so low that the room ends up feeling like the inside of an icebox, as well as then the whole thermostat plan as well as the air conditioning freezes up on us. All of us already had the repair man up to our room once to do a check on the Heating as well as Air Conditioning plan as well as he firmly explained to his that he shouldn’t turn the air conditioning completely down or that’s what would happen, however but as soon as he left, what did he do? She started complaining about how hot the room was as well as he turned the thermostat down again! I am ready to go home, as well as I suppose I deserve extra travel spend money for rooming with Joan!

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