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A brand new HVAC system

When our partner, Carl plus I finally moved out of our cramped lake house in the city, the two of us searched for a house with lots of property plus privacy.  The two of us found a gorgeous ancient farmhouse with a immense front porch plus a entirely white picket fence. The two of us fell in prefer with the surrounding meadows, pond in the backyard, plus enormous willow tree beside the driveway.  The two of us were blissful with the high ceilings, hardwood floors plus ornate staircase. Carl plus I imagined ourselves drinking lemonade on the front porch. The two of us planned to hang laundry on the clothesline to dry, plus looked forward to leaving our windows wide open plus the front door unlocked.  The two of us moved in while I was in the fall, when the weather was just starting to cool down. The two of us quickly found out that the ancient furnace couldn’t keep up with demand plus cost a fortune to run. Although the two of us were a bit narrow for currency after the purchase of the house plus new furniture, the two of us took out a house improvement loan plus installed a new gas furnace.  The two of us figured we’d save currency on utility bills in the long run. However, once Summer arrived, the two of us realized that opening windows was not possible. With the warmer weather, our acquaintance had released his sheep into the fields. The strong aroma, abundance of bugs plus constant noise of the sheep was entirely horrible. With the windows shut, the house became terribly overheated plus sticky.  The two of us felt it necessary to take out a eighth loan to have central air conditioner installed. The two of us are now totally in debt because of this house.

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