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The other week I went to the films to see this motion picture about a spaceship fighting in space; I love old style crazy action fiction films like this movie was, but the theater I went to was the local one in town here. Most of the time, it is the best in every which way, and not only are the prices cheap, but the air quality of the locale is totally & utterly fun! I really enjoy going here just to not only see good films, but to be able to take in the air conditioning & heating & cooling unit of the site. The way the air feels on your skin in this locale just makes myself and others want to keep coming back again & again. No matter what the film to be honest one time I came here during a really warm and sweaty summer time to watch a film in a genre I totally hate. Which is cheesy romantic films! I came by myself, however people must have thought I was a real weird person! The only reason I came was to have a fantastic excuse to feel the appealing air conditioning in the theater while I cooled off from the really bad summer time time heat that was going on outside the area! You see, the air conditioning in our beach house was not finally working properly, so why not come into the theater to see any old movie just to prefer & love the high quality, top of the line & very huge air conditioning unit! The entire night was just appealing, even though the film was really awful. Not a soul except myself and others really knew how much I loved that air conditioning plan unit in the site!

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