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Able to use the heater for once

My little ones are begging me to decorate for Christmas early this year, which goes against everything that I stand for as a human! I despise it when stores jump right over Thanksgiving and head straight to Christmas from Halloween, and i love the fall weather, when the temperatures are cooling off and you first start having to use the gas furnace or the fireplace to knock the chill out of the air in your living area! Fall is without a doubt my favorite time of year, plus usually it brings with it my favorite temperatures also. I enjoy it when the weather outside is cool plus crisp plus the evenings start cooling off. I have a passion for resting near the bonfire outside or even the fireplace inside with an intense book and a cup of tea. I also love snuggling up in jeans plus sweaters. I don’t understand why everyone wants to rush wintertime and Christmas, why can’t they just love the cool temperatures of fall plus try to leave their gas furnaces off for a little while before they have to turn the thermostat up for the whole winter? It doesn’t make sense to me, plus that’s what I told my kids, then they begged and moaned to decorate for Christmas, plus so I finally told them that I would let them go ahead and decorate, but we really weren’t turning the thermostat up or the heating on until after Thanksgiving is over. Therefore now they’re all singing Let it Snow because they are making fun of me plus they are exaggerating how ice cold it is in the house separate from the oil gas furnace running. Of course, I don’t feel bad for them at all! I’ll just keep enjoying the fall season!

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