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Ventilation and our furnace

In the climate and location where I live, I need to run our heating system for most of the year. In the coldest months when the temperature drops to twenty degrees below zero, the oil furnace runs non-stop at full capacity. It’s a challenge just to keep a moderate and comfortable temperature in our home. In addition, it’s extremely costly to run the system to that extent, and our weekly energy bills are a large drain on our budget. I’ve done everything I can think of to prevent energy waste. For example, I upgraded all of the old windows and caulked around them. I also installed modern exterior doors and weatherstripped around them.  I’ve even stuffed as much insulation as possible into the walls, ceilings and attic.  While these efforts  have helped to prevent heat from escaping, it also prevents fresh air from coming inside.  With the oil furnace constantly circulating the same dusty air for eight straight months, we have problems with indoor air quality.  The air becomes overly dry, stale, and polluted, which leads to health concerns.  Sore throat, headaches, itchy eyes, sneezing, and aggravated symptoms of pollen irritations and asthma are all the direct result of polluted air quality.  To resolve this issue, I’ve invested in a ventilation system.  The result of using the ventilator is that the air seems as fresh as if a window was left open, without the energy losses.  The stale interior air is exchanged with preheated, fresh incoming air. This actually allows us to set our temperature control at a lower temperature.  The ventilation system also removes excess humidity in the summer while alleviating overly dry air during the winter.  The air in my home is now cleaner, healthier and more comfortable overall as a result of the use of my new ventilation system.

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