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Motorcycle trip in the Summer, not every place has good a/c

My husband and I are planning on going to see all the 50 states. Him and I take the motorcycle one direction and drive all summer. We then take a picture in front of every state’s welcome sign. Our goal is to get all 50 of them. The trip is usually a really fun time. We see a lot of new sights, talk to greet people and experience almost a new world when we are only a few states away from home. The downside is that because we travel all Summer, we can’t always go in the best hotels. Some places don’t have luxury accommodations too. We sometimes have to go in the only hotel the town has. Usually this means the accommodations are going to be bad. The worst hotels have one lumpy bed with terrible pillows. The shower has mold around it and the toilet is stained. The worst is when the air conditioner unit barely works. After being on a hot bike in leather with sun pouring on me all day, I just want some AC. When the hotel AC doesn’t work, I feel like crying. Sometimes we get a leaky window air conditioner. Occasionally a hotel will spring and we get quality central air conditioning. That always is a nice treat in our travels. One day in the Summer we do a big spring for a good suite. We get a huge bed, a tub and our own thermostat control. That is always my favorite part of the room. I like controlling the heavy amounts of cooling.

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