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Surviving the winter without a central heater:

I have had a unique life. I like to go my own way and not to listen to others who want to simply tell me what to do. It is just who I am, and I am not really interested in changing either. Of course, I am responsible too. I am not just a stubborn person who selfishly wants to do things their own way. It is just not who I am. I am willing to adapt to direction when that direction is better than my own. As you can imagine, my love of independence has also gotten me into plenty of hardships. A good example was a few years ago when I had to survive a winter without a central heater. The home I was staying in did not have a functional furnace to heat the rooms. Albeit I always had a roof over my head to protect me from rain, I couldn’t stop the cold as most people can with an HVAC system. As a result, the temperature outside was the same temperature inside, and I had to figure out a way to stay warm. I like challenges, so figuring out a way to stay warm without a traditional HVAC method was fun for me. I know the common answer is to get to a space heater. However, the home was so poorly insulated that I am not sure it would have worked. Even if I got a huge space heater, it still probably would of have to run so much it would have overheated. I still used a space heater, but I created an insulated, what I would like to call, fort over my mattress to create a nice toasty mini-room. Even since then, I have never been so warm in my life.

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