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My Aunt has radiant heating:

I have the nicest aunt. She is absolutely my favorite relative outside my immediate family. She has a cool house outside of a popular city. So when I get to visit her, I have so much fun. We go to amusement parks and eat at nice restaurants. She is so funny too, and she makes me laugh the whole time. Visiting her is a real treat for me for even more reasons as well. Her home is awesome. She has nice cozy furniture, and even better she also has heated floors, which I absolutely love. I never knew people could use water instead of air for their home’s heating and cooling. My parents have a furnace system, which treats air, so It was extremely weird the first time I visited her to walk on such warm and cozy tiles. I know with my parents I am always wearing something on my feet when I walk around the house because my parents don’t covet warmth as my Aunt does. Another cool feature of my Aunt’s home is that she even has her heated floors zoned. This means I can even control the thermostat for my own personal area of her home when I visit. The radiant floors even warm my bed too. I can also notice the air is much less humid too. That’s because the system doesn’t rely on the outside air, and there is no air flow necessary at all. My Aunt has it pretty good, and I like it because she shares it with me.

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