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HVAC saved my bacon

Times are tough all over, I am the first to admit it. When the housing bubble burst all those years ago it hit me harder than most. Not only did I lose my house to the bank, but I also lost my job when a different bank foreclosed on the company. In three days I went from loving life to being homeless and jobless. Two months later my car got repossessed, because how the heck was I supposed to make the payments? What followed was a dark time, but eventually I was able to claw my way out of it with my own two hands

               . I got a job doing manual labor for an HVAC contractor, and because of a strong work ethic and a good head on my shoulders, I quickly moved up to doing house calls. I still couldn’t work on the HVAC equipment, because that requires a certification test, but I could still ride along and help out the technicians. I quickly learned a lot about air conditioners, and more facts about the inner workings of heating systems than I ever thought possible. I kept my mouth shut and my eyes and ears open, because I knew this job was a path to being a full time HVAC technician, and getting back on my feet once again.

                Maybe I wouldn’t make as much money fixing air conditioners as I did as a real estate agent, but at least it’s honest work! Thanks to this HVAC repair job I have a car and a home of my own once again.

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