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Learning to change the air filter

How changing your air filter affects your HVAC
It seems like today, everyone I know is working more hours than ever and taking on numerous jobs just to get by. I say, whatever works, but with taking on a heavy load means some things can get forgotten. However, one of the things that should stay on your to-do list is changing out the air filter for your heating and cooling system. Sure, the air filter may sound like just a fancy expense. Or maybe you think the air filter changes are just for people with allergies. Well, the truth is the air filter isn’t just for your health or comfort. Sure, it does these tasks as well. But in truth, the main task of the air filter is the safety of your HVAC system. See, the air filter doesn’t just keep pollen and dust and other gross stuff out of the air you breathe–it also keeps it out of the air that goes into your heating and air conditioning system. This is vital to the health and longevity of any central heating and cooling system. Like any major appliance, HVAC has a fragile under belly. Just as your TV can’t be submerged, your HVAC system needs to avoid as much dust and debris as possible. Buildup of debris in the delicate inner workings of your HVAC can damage the system and even cause to fall apart over time. Changing the air filter out every month not only insures that your HVAC stays free of additional damage, it also helps to insure proper air flow throughout the ductwork. Only with a healthy flow of air can your heating and cooling system keep your home comfortable, without running up the light bill. 

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