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Wrecked air conditioner plan

My husband and I always have the same issues. For instance, last week, he came home dripping with sweat! I asked what happened, and he told me the entire office building is having issues with the heating and air conditioners that keep the office cool, then while I felt sorry for him having to go through with it, I knew what this meant – I was going to have the same problem very soon! Sure enough, I went to my job a few days later and noticed the same issue. The air in the lobby of our building was sizzling hot and humid, almost more than it was outside! When I walked into the office suite, I took one look at the receptionist who had messy hair, and then I knew the a/c was busted. I undid the top button of my blouse to ensure I would be a bit more cool and comfortable, plus did my best to work through the afternoon with bad air quality in the office. A memo went around that afternoon, stating that the fuses for the cooling system’s chiller component had been blown, which is why it felt so sizzling hot inside the office, however we were told that an HVAC repair people had been dispatched to take care of the situation, however they offered nothing as a way to help us cope through the bad heatwave in our building! Fortunately, all of us were able to find a few box fans that were hidden away in the storage area, so all of us put those up around the office to improve air circulation. When I left work to go home that afternoon, all I could do was hope and pray that the problem would be fixed by tomorrow! Otherwise, I was in for a very hard and long work week!

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