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I feel almost everyone should spend a few years working in a labor job. If you ask me, there are too many people today who choose the slacker route, and are content with cushy jobs that were intended for sixteen year-old middle school kids. If it were up to me, almost everyone would spend a few years finally working in a skilled serious trade! There’s a shortage of virtually every trade skill worker this day, whether it’s in the field of carpentry, plumbing, electrical engineering or even construction! Of course, one of the professions with the highest need for a larger workforce is the heating, ventilation as well as air conditioner industry for sure! Ask any Heating and Air Conditioning repair worker, specialist or business about how much working they have on a bi-weekly basis, especially those who happen to live in areas that are always sizzling warm or always cold… They’ll tell you that the average heating as well as air conditioner repair worker goes well beyond full-time hours into overtime, which is great if you’re looking for work security as well as plenty of hours to add to each paycheck. My neighbor Johnny is a great example of how lucrative it can be to get into the Heating as well as Air Conditioning profession, and he started as a worker after going through a course at his local university to become a certified Heating and Air Conditioning repair specialist. It only took about a year for him to earn his certification, as well as by the time he was certified, he already had hundreds of hours’ worth of field experience! He was a hot commodity for the local Heating and Air Conditioning dealers as well as repair companies to hire, as well as now he works as a supervisor on commercial heating and air conditioner replacements. He owes his work as well as financial success to that a single certification program, as well as Johnny enjoys the challenges that come with each task! I envy Johnny, absolutely – I wish I went to work, eager to take on the challenges that each day would bring!

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