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Setting up the air ducts

There was this funny TV show when i was a kid that focused on this guy who was a self-proclaimed jack of all trades. In the show, there would be feel-good comedy sitcom moments, and there was also a lot of self-inflicted injuries while trying to make simple around-the-home fixes. It was comedy in the show of course, but in real life, those same scenarios can lead to some extreme scarring and permanent complications – ’m not even talking about physical trauma! See, my brother is just like that guy from the show, he’s a skilled handyman for sure, although he doesn’t seem to know when he’s in too deep on a repair he can’t handle, and when our Mom asked him to help with installing up-to-date air conditioning at our home to compliment the up-to-date central air duct, my brother was thrilled to not only help, however commandeer control of the upgrade! Things were going well as my brother was laying out the air duct in the attic, and my Mom decided she’d go finish wiring the outdoor condenser unit to the indoor air conditioning system, however my brother joined her, in addition to decided to try to test the power to the condenser unit. He didn’t even realize that he was holding what was about to be a live wire by the contact! My Mom went to stop him, however it was too late – the power was switched, in addition to my brother was still as a statue as electrical currents ran through him! Thankfully the power surge caused a major short, so the power stopped running to the wire – in addition to prevented my brother from being electrocuted to death. We had him sit inside for the rest of the afternoon, great in the cool air conditioned room thanks to our Mom finishing the upgrade for the air conditioning system, and some guys just have all the luck, don’t they?


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