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The air conditioner set up way up

Earlier this year, I noticed that my electric bill was climbing with each passing week. It wasn’t a large amount, however it was enough for me to notice a trend, and by the middle of June, I noticed that my electric bill had increased by almost fifty percent! There was really something wrong with my electric bill, or there was something slowly bleeding out my electric usage. When I called the electric company to determine why my bill was steadily decreasing, they provided a usage chart for me which showed the past 3 months, and detailed when I had the most electricity usage. For three weeks, my bill showed that my usage was highest when I was home before and after work. There was something always using more and more power towards the middle of the afternoon. That’s when I realized – it had to be my home’s A/C! Of course, it made perfect sense. I had purchased a smart thermostat to help reduce my electric bills, although I never entirely understood how to program a run schedule for the temperature control. I must’ve decided to table that for another time, although I never got around to setting a run schedule for my air conditioning system! In fact, I hadn’t even been remembering to set the air conditioning to a higher level while I was at work, and I was really paying the price for my negligence. With that realization, I dug out the box to my smart thermostat and read the instruction manual carefully. I was able to set a schedule where the air conditioning would turn off from when I left for work to when I was on my way home, and that way my home would be nice and cool by the time I got home! Ever since I had the schedule implemented, my electric bill has sharply dropped off in cost, and that’s exactly what I hoped would happen.

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