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Touring major cities in America has been a pastime of mine for the past few years. My friends and I enjoy to travel, but who doesn’t, right? For us, we enjoy to travel to the hubs of each region in the country, and find the little known secrets that only natives would think about. We went to this one neighborhood deep in the South during the hottest time of the summer, and while we knew it was going to be hot while during visit, we had no idea just how hot it would be! We are from the northwest, so we aren’t used to this kind of heat or humidity! Thankfully, most of the bars, clubs or activities we did while going to see this neighborhood were indoors, and complemented with excellent air conditioning that made the experience that much better. We were also happy that the theme park we opted to go to in neighborhood had plenty of air conditioned pit stops throughout the park, just in case we needed to cool off or grab a cold drink.  One of the best stops we made in that neighborhood was at this enormous ice bar, which is just what it sounds like – a sizable bar where everything is made of ice, including the cups! The A/C in that place must be incredible to maintain chilly temperatures, because that’s a difference of almost one hundred degrees! We enjoyed the ice bar as an escape from the heat,. Only an hour in that bar left us clamoring for the heat by the time we left, and it was an adventure for sure! Next stop – the far Northeast!

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