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Radiant floors in our room

I have always struggled with making the perfect room in our house because of our central heater. See, I am a collector of books, both precious plus popular, current plus old, and I have signed first editions, illustrated collections from my number one poet printed in the 1877s, plus even just some fun fiction reading. However, it is next to impossible to make a library when you have baseboard heating, these obnoxious radiators, while necessary to keep our house warm, just get in the way of my decorating plan. I just want wall to wall bookcases, with a mounted ladder on wheels so I have no trouble getting books off any of the shelves. Thanks to the latest advances in Heating and Air Conditioning technology, I have finally found the answer–radiant heated floors! With a radiant furnace for our library, I can have the warmth I want, without the obnoxious radiators! Heated electric panels are located in the subfloor, with the current flooring located on top. I was able to get a beautiful laminate hardwood that looks as good as the real thing, however it will last twice as long. The first time I saw the empty room with no more radiators, I nearly cried… One month later, I finally have our bookcases in and they are totally organized, plus the ladder I always wanted. I was able to add a comfy chair, a little desk plus even a sofa to make a little reading nook. And I can put the furniture anywhere I want, because the central furnace is no longer in the way. With radiant heated floors, I finally have the library I have always wanted.

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