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The multiple zones in the house

My apartment is officially the nicest 1 I have ever rented… It has these attractive new blue rugs, gorgeous tiling in the washroom, a skylight set into a cathedral ceiling, a wood burning fireplace, and best of all–Heating plus Air Conditioning zone controls. I’m so used to apartments just having 1 thermostat for the whole unit, but the building director here spared no expense. This location has an Heating plus Air Conditioning zone control for each of the bedrooms, 1 for the kitchen and residing room, and another 1 for the the washroom. It’s so nice for me and my roommate to be able to control the heating and cooling in our spaces. The best thing is, the people I was with and I can turn down thermostat for the residing room and kitchen at night, without having to be chilly in our bedrooms. This stops a lot of concerns with roommates who like to be way too warm at night for my liking. It also lets us turn off the heating and cooling in each others rooms and close them actually when 1 of us goes away on vacation. I know our favorite Heating and Air Conditioning zone control is the 1 in the washroom, but we rarely ever use it unless we’re taking a bath. The building director put the towel bar above the Heating and Air Conditioning duct vent, so it heats your towel for you! There is nothing better in this world than a long sizzling bath on a cold, freezing afternoon, with a freshly warmed towel waiting for you. I love this apartment; I won’t be moving for a long time.

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