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What the fireplace did

The concern with house hunting is it gets rushed. When my roommates and I looked at this rental property, we did so during an open house. I had thought this would help us to get a good look; Unfortunately, the open house was so crowded that it was absolutely hard to get a good sense of the space. I thought wes had done our due diligence, then we had looked at the windows, hunted for drafts, looked at the outlets to detect wiring troubles, even walked around the yard; However, we walked right by the fireplace. It has a wood storage component built into the house, so I thought it had been kept in great shape. The people I was with and I applied for the property, not expecting to get it, however we got the call back that we had passed all of the checks and were their number one pick. Come moving time, we were doing a ton of cleaning and we finally came back to that fireplace. The people I was with and I were hoping to use it to offset the oil heater, since oil is so fancy priced and the winters are absolutely long here in the northeast. However, this may not be possible. The entire glass front doors are not attached to the fireplace. When moved them aside, the fireplace was full of half burnt trash, and now the proprietor is just telling us not to use the fireplace, and is refusing to have it repaired or even diagnosed by an Heating and Air Conditioning company; My roommates and I are now absolutely suspicious of the fireplace, our proprietor, as well as the state of this house. I suppose we’ll be looking for another cabin or rental house when our lease is up–hopefully something without an oil furnace so the all of us can save cash on our utility bills.


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