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Heating advice from grandma

Most folks recognize my Grandfather for the custom carpentry plus countertop supplier he ran with my Grandmother for 35 years; However, this is far from the only source of income my Grandfather has had, and though he’s in full retirement now, he used to work as an accountant & a landlord; He owned an aged brown-stone in the city he lived in, which he would rent out as 3 separate apartments… Now that I am a tenant, my Grandfather has consistently been incredible with doling out advice. I got lucky for a long time with great landlords, however my most recent one is not so good. As a tenant, I try not to let myself get talked into things I shouldn’t be doing, such as repairing the Heating & A/C. I informed my landlord that the boiler needed an inspection, but he tried to tell me it was on the tenants. However, I couldn’t find anything about Heating & A/C care in the lease… My Grandfather reassured me that the reason I paid rent was that the landlord was supposed to fix this things, that includes the central heater. After all, why else would you put down a security deposit? Thanks to my Grandfather, I was able to put together a unquestionably convincing fight for Heating & A/C care, including the fact that the boiler could fall apart entirely. A disfigured central gas furnace could even cause CO2 plus make us all sick, which would be especially deadly since our living room is in the basement with the boiler. In the end, my landlord is now hiring a Heating & A/C contractor to repair the boiler before Wintertime hits.

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