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A strong heating unit

The two of us know a person who dwells in a cabin near the lake. Sometimes that cabin is just a tent by the Stars. The two of us met this person many months ago, but a lot of people in town have known this person for many years. This person is well-known through town, even though his mental faculties have shaded a bit over the last decade or two. This person used to spend summers at the beach being a lifeguard. In fact, his picture still sits in the beach area as the Lifeguard with the most saves overall. The two of us don’t like thinking of this guy out there all by himself during the winter. The two of us don’t have very many cold winter days, but sometimes the evening temperatures can go around freezing. The two of us sought out our new friends + decided to help with a portable heater. The portable heater can be powered by the sun, plus does not cost any money to run. The two of us hooked up this person with the solar powered here, plus he did not want to accept it at first. The two of us would take no for an answer, plus the two of us certainly wanted to know they would be warm during the winter weather. The two of us feel better about this guy being out in the woods, now that we know he has a solar-powered heating source that will keep him from freezing throughout the long cold winter nights.

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