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Retirement comes to all of us in one form or another.  Our town’s Little League Baseball team had a sponsor for the last ten years.  He decided to retire just this past month. He said that he couldn’t see well enough to continue running the business and he was closing the doors.  He apologized, but now we were left trying to find a new sponsor for our team. We were a few weeks from our first game, and we needed new uniforms and equipment.  These were what the sponsor provided. In return, we proudly wore the logo of the sponsor, on our uniforms. This was a lot of advertisement for the sponsor’s company.  I work for a large HVAC company. Surprisingly, I’m not a HVAC technician. My job is tending to their vans and trucks. I do all of the mechanical work they need on their fleet of twelve trucks.  I do the inspection, the tire changes, and the HVAC work if it is needed. I decided to talk to my boss and see if he would be interested in sponsoring the local Little League team. I went to my boss and he invited me into his office.  I told him of the circumstances with the team and how much advertisement the HVAC company would get. I was their coach, and I said that I knew the advertisement would be good. I didn’t know that he had earned his college scholarship, with his baseball abilities in high school and college.  He told me he would be proud to sponsor the Little League team. He even came down to the field the next practice to take inventory of what all we needed.

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