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You would think that at fifty years old, I would be done doing stupid things, but sometimes we never learn.  I saw that my neighbor was selling his RV. My wife and I love to camp and we always said that someday we were going to get an RV.  This was a good neighbor of ours and I thought he was an honest man. I bought the RV that he was selling. I didn’t look at it very closely, but even before I took it home, I had to put new tires all the way around.  I took it to the garage and he said that he could just change a couple tires, like I asked, but they were all dry rotted, so I put new tires on the RV. Last month, we went camping and the outdoor temperature was almost ninety.  The air conditioning in the driver’s compartment worked well. I could hear a fan coming from the AC that was on the roof for the rest of the RV. We got to the campground, settled in, and the air conditioning didn’t work. I took the RV to one of the RV sales lot, hoping to get the AC checked and serviced, but they wanted $300 just to look at the AC and then they couldn’t fix it.  Everyone I talked to either didn’t do AC work, or they were going to charge me $300. My wife wanted to take the camper and drive it off the cliff, and I was upset. I ended up paying the $300 and then I also had to pay for the repairs on the AC. I should have waited until we could afford to buy a new RV.

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