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Baby gets radiant heating

My wife and I wanted to have a baby from the day we got married.  No matter what we tried, it just never happened. We started to believe that it would always be just the two of us, which didn’t bother us, but we always thought how nice it would be to have a child in our lives.  After fifteen years, we found out that we were going to have a baby. It took us by surprise and all of a sudden we had to take the spare bedroom and turn it into a nursery. We wanted everything to be perfect for the little miracle.  We learned about allergens and we knew we didn’t want to have carpeting, which would hold onto all kinds of dust and dander. We ripped up the carpeting and chose to put in hardwood. We wanted to have a dust free heating system in the room.  A ductless mini split unit could be the answer, but then we heard about electric radiant heat strips. Radiant heat was heat that was placed under the hardwood. It was said to be a more complete, cleaner and more efficient type of heating. We were able to get electric strips that put directly beneath the hardwood.  They were crisscrossed and all tied in together. There was a thermostat to regulate the temperature. We also installed an air purification system to make sure the air quality was perfect for our child when it was finally born. As far as outfitting the room, both of our parents are over the moon over the news. We already have all of the furniture and there is still more coming in.

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