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The school of HVAC

We have several colleges in our local vicinity, but we only have one technical school.  Lately it seems that more and more students are finding their way to the technical schools instead of into the colleges.  Last year’s graduating class numbered at over two hundred. These kids are heading to the technical school for a chance to become HVAC technicians, electricians, Plumbers and even Auto repairmen.  I wasn’t surprised when my daughter came to me and told me that she didn’t want to go to college, but she wanted to attend the technical school. To be honest, I had already considered this, because as a little girl, she had always wanted to be a nurse.  I was shocked when she told me she wanted to go through the HVAC certification courses. I had no idea that HVAC would be something that she would be interested in. She seemed so excited and I just told her that if that was what she really wanted, we would be there to help her.  I went online and I began to do research on the HVAC certification course. She would be in classes for almost 16 months and then she would have to spend four months as an apprentice before she got her certification. I was shocked at the cost of the course. I remembered how excited she looked when she told me about her intention and I knew that somehow her mother and I would find the  money. I don’t plan on crushing any of her dreams, and if she makes it through, she may save us that much money by doing our HVAC work for free.

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