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I always loved to draw when I was younger.  I wasn’t very good at it back then, but I have improved as I became older.  I really wanted to grow up and be an artist, but that wasn’t in the cards for.  It isn’t easy to be an artist, and it doesn’t bring in much money. I have, however, begun creating logo designs for websites.  I am doing about two a week, but it pays my bills. Last month, I got a gig creating a logo for a local HVAC company. My father is a HVAC technician for the company.  When he found out they were looking for a new logo design, he recommended me. I talked to the owner and he told me that he was envisioning a superhero. It took several drawings for him to be pleased with what I proposed, but pleased he was.  After I got done with the logo for the HVAC company, he asked if I would be interested in doing some advertisement designs. I talked to the woman who dispatches all of my dad’s work. She told me that the original owner recently retired and he left the entire HVAC company to his grandson.  She thinks the ideas he has for the advertisement and change of advertising direction, is going to be good for the company. He thinks my designs for the logo and ads are great and I’m looking forward to work on a new and improved HVAC website for him. I love the direction he is going in and that he is willing to take me with him.

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