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Furnace for the homeless

There is this deranged homeless guy I know that lives out by the pier. He is perfectly nice, & gets along with most of the local people, which has translated to him being able to live there for over 10 years now without anyone calling the cops on him. Even the cops savor this guy quite a bit, so as long as no 1 complains they don’t roust him. As far as anyone can even tell, the only things the guy owns are a torn up pup tent, such as a boy scout would use, & a hubcap that he has transformed into a little stove for himself. It is strenuous to describe, but he hammered out this hubcap straight into a shape where it can be a heating source, as well as sizzling up cans of cheap food, however pretty smart, having such a lightweight portable gas furnace on hand to carry with you, but it still leaves a lot to be desired. I went around the neighborhood to a few of the local surfers & beach regulars, soliciting donations in order to get the guy a real heater. I knew that he had no ongoing access to any electricity, so I wanted a nice solar powered furnace he could use all year around for himself. These kind of oil furnaces are not cheap, which is why I was asking for a few helping donations. Thi bum turned out to be really popular with the locals, & I even got enough currency in a few hours to get him a furnace that would hopefully last for 10 years from that day, or more!

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