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Odors with the cooling filters

A few years ago my family decided to get a fake Christmas tree. All of us all started feeling bad about killing a tree every year just for decorative purposes. So we had made the choice to go fake although I missed that pine tree smell! The scent used to permeate the house as all of us opened the door! My fake tree looks definitely real however it doesn’t smell real; I got candles and other pine tree scents for the house however they just didn’t smell the way a real tree does… And after that I discovered scented air filters. They go right into the HVAC unit and filter the air, like a respected filter, however they are also scented. I buy the pine scented one in January now and the whole house smells like pine trees again. I just prefer it. My entire house smells like Christmas again. I’ve had guests over and they just think that we have a real tree because of the scent alone. And, it is simple to change the filter as well. A filter is nice for about a month anyway so it works out perfectly to only use a scented one around the holidays and then go back to no scent! However, I’m interested in trying out some of the other scents too, especially around other holiday times. There is no need at all for dangerous candles or a bunch of luxurious pricey items that don’t store well anymore. I just change the filter and turn on the oil furnace using our respected setting plus the whole beach house smells wonderfully again.

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