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AC installation after the water leak

I live in the north and am fine without HVAC systems. I have a legitimately unbelievable working furnace but no air conditioning at all, however this last year was pretty hot so I finally broke down plus purchased a window cooling system. It seemed easy to install it myself. In under an hour I had cool air blasting through my house. I left it on, ran some errands, then intended to come home to a nice cool house… When I opened the front door a few hours later I was appalled to find water dripping into my home from the window unit. It was running down the wall and right onto the carpeting. I hastily unjammed the cooling system plus started soaking up the water with many towels. I then posted on social media about what had happened and how the cooling system had nearly ruined my wall and floor. I then felt a bit of shame as my pals set me right. They told me that this happened because I installed the cooling system completely wrong. It has to be installed flat. If there is an angle in towards the home than it will drip into the house, and sure enough, I took out the instructions, that I had previously ignored, and saw this to be the case. I fixed my air conditioning installation and then tried again. This time, no water dripped into the house; Oh well, live and learn. I still don’t like leaving the cooling system on when I’m not around even though I’ve been assured that it is nice and now that it is installed right. I just keep seeing it. I’m sure in a few weeks I will know more.

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