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Thermostat control with kids

My pals and I had an end of season celebration, i just like how the temperature is changing right along with the leaves! This far north, we assume that this might be the last time we get to spend any time outdoors for close to 3 months so we spent most of the time celebrating outdoors. I had already turned on the gas oil furnace in the house however it was set entirely low; We had a lot of fun with roasting marshmallows over a campfire, grilling, and enjoying the leaves fall, then as the party progressed, every time I walked inside I thought it felt legitimately moderate warm inside. I figured that it just must be colder than I thought outdoors and that it only felt extra moderate warm inside because I was getting used to the weather outside. It wasn’t until all of the guest left that I legitimately checked the temperature control thermostat plus noticed that it was set to 99 degrees! One of the kids must have messed with it. I never set the temperature control to a much more satisfactory temperature. I don’t want to use our entire electric bill in a single day, especially when it was not that cold outside, and besides, it took a long time to cool the house down enough after all that so that we could sleep. It gave me an excuse to open up the windows one last more time this year. Oh well, next time I will put some tape over the temperature control thermostat or just check it a little more often. At least everybody had a great time.

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