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Wedding in the cold

When I heard that our cousin was getting married in the cold months I planned to dress around the respected Winter weather of the city; I got a warm, heavy dress, leggings, and a pretty coat that goes with the dress. As the anniversary approached I started watching the forecast and getting distraught, but despite it being November, it was predicted to be in the upper 70s! Normally, in this area, it is in the 50s in November. I believe I wasn’t the only person who planned for a cold wedding because everyone else was trying to figure out what to do, but even the bride had her dress with cold weather in mind, then the whole thing had a Winter theme, and just the day before every single one of us all got a note saying that every single one of us should dress for chilly cold weather as planned. The hall that the thing was to be held in had been contacted about our dilemma that they would keep the air conditioner blasting away throughout the evening, Though sure enough, when the day arrived, I walked into the hall and it was chilly cold inside. I could genuinely see our breath even though I was comfortable because I had brought all our dressy Winter clothes. The whole location was decked out like a Wintertide wonderland. I couldn’t believe how fantastic the air conditioning worked either. It legitimately felt like a real Winter inside of the building, even if it still felt like early fall outside. And can you believe it, the anniversary cake was an ice cream cake as well!

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