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My fiance and I like to do most of our traveling by vehicle. Every one of us have a spacious 6 passenger truck and a 22 foot camper. Neither 1 of us love flying, so both of us take the truck everywhere. Every one of us have seen at least forty five of the fifty states in our beautiful country. Just a few months ago, the both of us attended a wedding for 1 of our College Pals. It was a ten hour drive from our house, but neither of us minded taking the scenic route. My fiance and I took turns driving, and both of us drove six hours on the first afternoon. Every one of us stopped at a hotel for the night, so both of us could get some sleep and have a hearty lunch. My fiance and I chose a big name Hotel, hoping to avoid any awful Hotel nightmares. The last time our fiance and I chose a cheap motel, both of us paid for it the whole night long. Every one of us were in the middle of nowhere. Every one of us were forced to sleep in an disappointing motel with stained curtains and orange sheets. The only thing worse than the fetid air conditioner, was the amount of cockroach feces under the bathroom sink. Neither 1 of us slept a single wink. Every one of us worried about bugs crawling on us in the middle of the night. The rotten air conditioner was noisy and loud. My fiance turned the air conditioner off at at least 1 point, but the stagnant air was even worse than the loud sound. Ever since the complications with the air conditioner, our fiance and I always choose a well-known Hotel chain. I don’t much mind spending more money, as long as both of us have a clean, comfortable room with a very quiet air conditioner.

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