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The HVAC condition gone wrong

Most people think that road trips with friends are always super fun, memory-making adventures. I felt the same way for a while, but I changed this past summer. My friends as well as I took off towards the south for an 8 hour drive, and the people I was with and I were so happy to see the beach and swim in the ocean for a change! My parents let me borrow their old van, which was so ancient that I wasn’t sure if it was going to be able to even make it there in one piece! My friends as well as I said that we might as well just risk it to hit the road, so we did. When we hit the road, everything was just fine. Then, the cooling system stopped working. Once the air conditioning system broke down, it was pretty much without a paddle from that point forward! I was getting so hot and sick that I felt like I was going to have a heat stroke or throw up in my lap! The people I was with and I still had more than four hours to go, but we were miserable! About thirty minutes later we decided to stop at a Heating as well as A/C service repair shop to see if they could fix it for a fair price. After they gave the cooling system unit the diagnosis, they told me that it was going to take an hour to patch up. We just had to wait around for this cooling system unit to be repaired, and I couldn’t stop thinking about how this road trip is more like a never ending headache! I wish we would have stayed back home to go see a movie or something like that. At least after that I would have some cool air! I wouldn’t have to drop two-hundred dollars on a air conditioning system tune up either.

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