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We experienced some problems

For the first time ever, I had a real job interview that I actually thought would work out. I was 17 at the time as well as I was applying for a section time position as a waitress at a local lunch restaurant. I got dressed up genuinely professionally as well as I printed our resume out to take with me. I made sure I thought of everything. What I did not suppose of was bringing a overcoat. The a/c in the site was so frosty cold, I could not even focus or concentrate on the interview. I asked them if it was regularly cold care about this as well as they said they were experiencing troubles with the HVAC unit as well as needed to get it worked on. They had called a serviceman out that day however they were not able to come out until the following day. The supervisor who conducted the interview was even wearing a overcoat. She said if I wanted to come back another day I could. I thought that if I did that would make it seem that I did not take this seriously, so I braved through the interview, even though the cold was chilling down to our bones as well as I was obviously shaking. The supervisor said he admired our persistence as well as that it showed great faith on our section to stay for the entirety of the interview. She said the job was mine if I wanted it. I told his yes I would care about to, as long as I remembered a overcoat on our first day. She laughed as well as said  she’d make sure their a/c proposal would absolutely be repaired, worked on modern as well as properly functioning by then. And it sure enough was when I started the following week.

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