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I had several ideas on how to use time management while settling into our new place. And my new working from home gig. I was going to completely redo our apartment office. There have been piles of papers including outdated mail and paper tasks for previous contracts. All of which need to be sorted out, organized and accounted for. It wouldn’t take long but I am forced to stop working because of a heat wave. Our apartment office will look, feel and stay clean once I finish. But again I am forced to put it off as I wait out this dreadful heat wave. Our plans have been dashed because of the extreme heat. I can barely do the dishes nevermind make myself a meal. To get all of this extra housework done is a far dream. For some people the rising heat and dropping cold temperatures outside aren’t a problem, because they all have a central air conditioning HVAC system. But in the area and climate that I live in, heat waves are rare and devastating. Most homes and apartments hear don’t have a full heating, ventilation, or A/C systems at all. Properties here will be equipped with a state of the art oil furnace and usually oil or a gas heater, however they almost never have any air conditioners. That’s because the summer seasons here are actually short and rarely reach hot temperatures. One year this area recorded not having a single day over 80 degrees. Now I’m stuck outside in the shade just to cool down and all of my housework is put to the side. I just want to be able to get our apartment organized and finish my cleaning tasks. For now I am cooking in the early mornings when the temperature is the coolest.

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