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Controlling the hot weather

My high school was always a horrible place. Since the two of us lived by the beach, the two of us were absolutely stuck with warm seasonal temperatures that were often humid as well as scorching. The two of us absolutely begged our parents on more than one occasion, to move to a different type of climate. The two of us were tired of the humidity of Summer, and the two of us quickly decided to attend college up north. The two of us vastly so many differences of North, as well as preferred those temperatures. The two of us hardly had to use the A/C device during summer sessions, as well as the two of us absolutely preferred that. The two of us didn’t mind having to use the furnace more frequently, because it was easy to get warm. There are only so many things to do in the South, when the outdoor temperatures are humid as well as scorching. You can only remove so many levels of clothing, before people look at you strangely. Up north, the two of us could wear many layers of clothing, if we were too cold. The two of us often set our furnace thermostat to 75°, so we could be warm and comfortable throughout the winter months. When the two of us absolutely finish our college Years, it’s going to be a very difficult decision to live in the south or up in the north. There are a lot of Pros to staying here, even if the parents would prefer us to come back home.

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