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The AC truly needs work

For the first time ever, I had a real job interview that I really thought would work out. I was 17 at the time and I was applying for a part time position as a server at a local breakfast diner. I got dressed up very professionally and I printed my resume out to take with me. I made sure I thought of everything. What I didn’t think of was bringing a sweater. The air conditioning in the place was so freezing cold, I couldn’t even focus or concentrate on the interview. I asked them if it was always cold like this and they said they were experiencing issues with the HVAC unit and needed to get it serviced. They had called a technician out that day but they were not able to come out until the following day. The manager who conducted the interview was even wearing a jacket. She said if I wanted to come back another day I could. I thought that if I did that would make it seem that I didn’t take this seriously, so I braved through the interview. Even though the cold was chilling down to my bones and I was obviously shaking. The manager said she admired my persistence and that it showed good faith on my part to stay for the entirety of the interview. She said the job was mine if I wanted it. I told her yes I would love to, as long as I remembered a jacket on my first day. She laughed and said  she’d make sure their air conditioning system would definitely be repaired, serviced up to date and properly functioning by then. And it sure enough was when I started the following week.


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