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Summer wedding and no ac

Weddings can be awfully stressful. Last month, my very best friend decided to get married in a rush ceremony. The two of us were honestly worried there would be numerous problems. The two of us advised our friend Jessica to take a couple more months to plan the details. For some reason, my friend plus her fiance did not honestly want to wait any longer. Jessica did everything she could to plan the prettiest outdoor wedding ever. The wedding ceremony was in my backyard. I happen to have a pretty nice area with an inground pool plus plenty of seating for a hundred people. The two of us honestly figured out every detail, down to the last piece of silverware. One thing the two of us did not plan for, was the weather. On the day of the ceremony, the temperatures were uncommonly frigid. The two of us had to rush around plus find some portable heaters for the reception. The reception was going to happen after dark, plus the temperatures would be even more cold at that point. The two of us called to a few heating + A/C companies + asked if we could borrow some portable heaters for a few hours. Luckily, the two of us had no problem procuring a couple of rental stand up heaters. Even though the entire wedding seem to be a stressful event, Jessica + her fiance seem to be really happy together. Whatever reason they decided to rush, the two of us are happy to be a part of their ceremony and big day.

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