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A cheap and easy heater repair

When we bought our house, I think the main reason we bought it was because of the gas fireplace.  We were anxiously awaiting fall so we could finally be able to light the fireplace. As the temperatures began to fall, my partner and I were getting more and more excited to be able to light the gas fireplace.  We watched the temperature everyday and I checked the thermostat to make sure it set to heat. Finally, it was cool enough outside to be able to sit in front of the fireplace. I sat down on the couch while my partner turned on the gas and hit the thermostat.  We waited and we waited some more, but nothing happened. We turned off the gas and we shut down the thermostat. We turned on the gas and turned up the thermostat but nothing happened again. The fireplace just wasn’t going to turn on. I was afraid to keep trying because we didn’t want the gas to cause an explosion.  We called the HVAC company and they sent someone out to our house the very next morning. He walked into the house and we told him about the fireplace. He walked over, reached up and to the right behind the cover. The gas was turned on and the fireplace came to life. I was in shock and I couldn’t believe it was that easy to fix.  He told us that there is an on and off switch up there. I was devastated and felt really stupid. He said that it happens more than we could imagine. He charged us a nominal amount for the house call and we sat in front of the fireplace the entire evening.

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