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Want the heating system to turn on

When our son was given a partial scholarship for the state university, my wife and I were very proud parents.  Since he was about two hours from home, he couldn’t commute, but he was able to get a small apartment on campus.  He was working full-time to pay for the apartment and all of his expenses, and he was going to school full-time. We really didn’t think he had a lot of time to party because he also had to find time to study.  He would call his mom every couple days just to say hi. He would call me whenever he needed some help on something. We were getting ready for bed one night, when the phone rang. Our son never called after nine and we both went into panic mode.  My wife didn’t want to answer and I’ve got to say that I was a bit afraid to answer. His voice was hushed when he called and he said that everything was all right, but he was cold. He thought that I may be able to help him. He said that his furnace was not responding to the thermostat.  He had tried to call the landlord, but he wasn’t answering his phone. He told me that it was really cold in the apartment and he turned the thermostat from sixty to ninety and nothing happened. He kept turning it down and right back up. I knew that sometimes the thermostat wouldn’t turn the furnace on if there was a sudden drastic change so I told him to turn it up just a couple of degrees at a time.  Within fifteen minutes, he called back and told me that the furnace was running again.

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