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This unit does work!

Does everybody have a room in their condo they just can’t satisfactory heat with normal heating and A/C settings?  Mine is a guest room in the back corner of my beach house. It has served as a sort of junk room for the past several years.  However, now we are bringing in a foster child plus I need that room to be liveable. I raised my boys. They turned out to be good humans plus I’m genuinely satisfied by that.  Now I have decided to supply some love to a kid that could seriously use it. I’m a tad freaked out because this girl has been through a bunch of crap in her short life. Not sure I’ll be able to relate to her but, I recognize I can love her.  So, she’s moving in next week plus I gotta get this room warmed up. First, I went in plus sealed around the window to be sure to close any gaps. I went outside to then pump in some foam insulation around the window frame. I think there was a draft that was allowing a good bit of the heating and A/C treated air to simply escape.  However, I also found these room to room ventilators online. They seemed worth a it plus were less than a hundred bucks. So, I ordered them–am I ever ecstatic that I did! These little fans fit inside small holes chop in the top of the adjoining rooms shared wall. It didn’t take me all that long to get them put in correctly. But, the difference they make is astonishing.  Once they were installed, they automatically flipped on. I left the room for just over a half hour. When I went back to the bedroom, it was as hot as the rest of the beach house. So, this young lady will entirely hot plus enjoyed. That’s something.

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