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It must be seriously psychological when you wake up to 54 degrees in the summertime plus you feel frosty.  That same temperature in the Springtime is easily hot plus welcoming. I know that is because all of us recognize that Winter is on its way.  Freezing weather, ice everywhere plus the central heating equipment is on non-stop. The heating must be on in the winter, or all of us would most definitely freeze to death.  Every one of us don’t underestimate winter. Where I am at, winters are especially serious with the below freezing temperatures plus the constant heat being required. That’s why I have already arranged to have my Heating plus Air Conditioning equipment tune-up.  I skipped the air conditioner tune-up after Winter break so I just did not use my air conditioner equipment that much. However, I cannot skip out on the tune-up for the heating side of my Heating plus Air Conditioning system. If my heating equipment were to fail me, my family could be left in some rather serious danger.  Of course all of us have several portable furnaces as well as a fireplace, so all of us could get by without central heating for a short period of time until a Heating plus Air Conditioning equipment repair was conducted. However, I do not love leaving things like my heating equipment to chance, so the Heating plus Air Conditioning tune-up will be performed in a few days time.  That way when I turn the switch to use my heating, the heated air will flow officially from the HVAC vents all through my property, keeping all of us hot in our northern winter weather. It could be a lot worse. Every one of us could be in the Deep South without a reliable A/C unit. Since I am used to the northern cold weather, I know a summertime in the South without air conditioner equipment could be worse.

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